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Data Protection & Privacy at Dolphin House Charity: the Children’s Clinic

What Kind of Data do we collect at Dolphin House Charity?
1. Parent’s names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
2.Children’s names, dates of birth and history of their attendance, including which practitioner they have seen and for what reasons ( including practitioners own notes)
3.A signed record of parents’ preferences sin terms of a) whether of not they would like to opt in to be on our mailing list and b)whether or not they would like to opt in to their child ‘s data being part of the aggregate ‘anonymised’ data occasionally used for fundraising purposes. Parents who have opted in to either can opt out of either at any point thereafter.

Why do we collect data?

  • In order to save money by reducing the number of children who fail to attend their appointments (DNA’s) – contact information is primarily used by us in order to remind parents/guardians of their children’s forthcoming appointments and/or to make changes to forthcoming appointments if necessary.
  • Gift Aid data- the relevant persons’ full name and full address- is recorded in order to raise income for the charity. The HMRC gives charities an additional 25p for every £1 donated by eligible UK tax payers who have agreed to Gift Aid being added to their donations.
  • A record of children’s attendance helps us ensure that the charity is reaching its target group, and is occasionally used as an aggregate ‘anomymised’ format in order to provide basic evidential supportive statistical information when approaching organisations who we hope might provide the charity with some additional funding.

How and where is this data stored and for how long do we keep it?

  • Paper records of appointments that include the children;s names and their parent;s telephone numbers are kept in a paper diary which is managed by by Reception during working hours and is then locked away in a filing cabinet overnight outside working hours. Old diaries are destroyed after one year.
  • Further details collected by Reception at children’s first appointment and handwritten paper notes made by practitioners are kept in individual paper files which are referred to and updated by practitioners during appointments. These are kept in locked filing cabinets between appointments. There are also abbreviated electronic records. in a bespoke patients records database which is updated by reception after each appointment. The single computer at Dolphin House is only accessible by staff using a password. The relevant software on the computer is also only accessible via a second , different password. Patients are assigned ID numbers and diagnoses are recorded as codes. The electronic back up file is encrypted and is only accessible at Dolphin House via our password encrypted software and password protected computer .
  • The Children’s Clinic works with children between the ages of 0 and 18. Children’s paper files are kept until they reach the age of 18 up to a maximum of 7 years after their last appointment in the Children’s Clinic.  Paper records are then are then destroyed , but an electronic record of their previous attendances remains on our secure software.
  • Gift Aid data is transferred from paper forms (completed and signed by the relevant parties) into an Excel file at Dolphin House. On a monthly basis, the relevant data is transferred onto forms provided by the HMRC and then submitted to them electronically. The HMRC is thus the only organisation with which Dolphin House charity shares any sensitive data within which specific individuals can be identified . however , Gift Aid data only includes the names and  addresses of eligible , adult, UK tax payers (already known to HMRC) and the information is required by the HMTC in order for us to claim Gift Aid. 

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